Return to the office, Boris Johnson will say in a key speech

The prime minister will use his key conference speech to urge workers to return to office.

Boris Johnson will encourage a return to work during his address in Manchester, according to The daily mail. A source told the newspaper: “He believes very strongly in the value of working face to face. It is essential for the training and development of young people. How can you learn a new job on Zoom?

It came as a former minister called on Whitehall to end its ‘wake-from-home’ culture and said staff should return to the office full-time.

Jake Berry, chairman of the Northern Research Group of Tory MPs, said at an event on the sidelines of the Conservative Party conference in Manchester: Be honest, it’s often a wake-up call. “

Mr Berry said the UK must “move away from this ‘I want to work from home’ attitude if we want a productive Britain”.

He said on Monday at a Taxpayers’ Alliance Saving Main Street event: “Many people – factory workers in my constituency, people working in our stores, people working in our departments. public – must return to work, and the government can provide leadership here. “

His remarks were criticized by Dave Penman, the general secretary of the FDA union, who said, “You can just feel the desperation in their argument when they have to invent a crop war to justify their point of view.”

However, Downing Street distanced itself from Mr Berry’s comments, with Mr Johnson’s spokesman saying: ‘It is right that a large number of officials have had a real impact on the response to the pandemic and are delivering on the audience while working from home.

“That said, the Prime Minister said that there are important advantages to office work and should not be overlooked. That is why we encourage all employers to start recruiting their workforce on a regular basis, because we are at this stage of the epidemic. “

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