Roasted figs and salted butter caramel meringues: recipes for a gourmet Mother’s Day

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PSA: If you didn’t understand, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8.

But do not panic ! If you haven’t found the perfect experience or gift yet, there are plenty of ways to prepare something special before Sunday, literally.

We’ve found six recipes that will enhance your Mother’s Day experience, whether as a gift or as part of a celebration, and the best part is that they’re all made right on the barbecue. It’s true, the perfect excuse to take out the barbie under this beautiful autumn sun.

The barbecue looks a little more worn? Carefree! The Weber store at Burning Log in Fyshwick is your home for all things Weber and has plenty of options for outdoor spaces large and small. They even have an electric stove perfect for apartments where gas barbecues are prohibited.

So which recipe is the right one for your Mother’s Day celebration? Continue reading…

For the mother who… isolates herself: Salted Caramel Meringues

It’s a hard but true fact that there will be plenty of families celebrating apart this Sunday – and if your mom is isolating at home for some reason, these chewy and decadent salted caramel meringues are the perfect thing. to leave at his doorstep.

Get the recipe here

For the mom who… likes good things: roasted figs

Roasted figs are one of those shameless candle recipes. For moms (maybe it’s even you…?) who love an upgraded main course, this is a winner.

For this recipe, we stuff figs with goat cheese before wrapping them in prosciutto and glaze with pomegranate molasses. I swear I just heard a champagne cork pop…

Get the recipe here

Need a gift that isn’t food?

How about spoiling her with a beautiful outdoor setting like this? Gizella 4 Piece Outdoor Sofa Setting? Perhaps she’d like to add some pizzazz to her existing setting, easily achieved with Burning Log’s range of stylish outdoor cushions.

For the mom who… has a sweet tooth: Giant chocolate chip cookie

I mean…come on. This title alone should have started to make people salivate.

Because really, what else should you give to the mom who deserves the world? A cookie so huge she has to eat it with a spoon, that’s what.

Get the recipe here

For the mom who… has an anti-sweet tooth: Lemonade Scones

We all have people in our lives who can’t stand the sweetness, and if that’s your mom (or you!), this is the perfect recipe for her.

Fluffy scones that can be served with butter or loaded with jam and cream, they’re sure to hit the mark (without the sugar) and they’re perfect to make with little ones.

Get the recipe here

A gift that will keep mum warm through the winter, Burning Log’s range of outdoor fire tables are both a conversation starter and the perfect companion during the cold months. The EcoSmart Cosmo Firetable and EcoSmart Stix Firepit are just two of the many options…

For the mom who… loves the classics: Easy Lemon Coconut Slice

Picnic for Mother’s Day? Morning tea? Afternoon tea?

When you’re looking for a classic that everyone will love, this Lemon Coconut Slice is a no-brainer (and this recipe is seriously little effort!). One mixing bowl, one pan wonder.

Get the recipe here

Want even more barbecue inspiration?

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