Royal Statistical Society calls for data in Covid survey

Key aspects like Test and Trace omitted from draft terms of reference, company says

The Royal Statistical Society has called on the government to explicitly cover how data and statistics have been used in its communications with the public about Covid-19.

Responding to an open consultation, the company said the survey’s draft terms of reference “only refer to the availability and use of data and evidence in the context of health decision-making. public,” which she said was “only part” of the story.

Last month the Covid-19 inquiry was criticized for failing to include scientific advice and input from advisers within its intended scope.

Publishing its response along with a statement on April 13, the company highlighted “the important role that statistics and data have played in the government’s response to the pandemic.”

The survey project’s terms of reference did not mention the use of the data in government communication, for example during daily television briefings, the company said.

The survey should also take into account the statistical evaluation of public health interventions such as Test and Trace, they added.

“Statistics and data should be more explicitly mentioned in the terms of reference for the official UK Covid inquiry,” read a statement from the company.

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Edward L. Robinett