Several fire advisories in place in central Alberta

Kneehill County – Fire Notice

  • Campfires, yard fires and charcoal briquettes are permitted.
  • New burning permits will be issued on a case-by-case basis.
  • If conditions worsen, a fire restriction or ban may be instituted.
  • Any burning without a valid fire permit, other than a campfire, is prohibited.

Three Hills – Fire Ban

  • Due to limited water supply.
  • Under a fire ban, no campfires, yard fires or charcoal briquettes are allowed.
  • Gas or propane stoves/barbecues and portable propane fireplaces ARE permitted.
  • All fire permits are suspended or revoked, and no new fire permits will be issued.

Town of Rimbey, Ponoka County – Fire Notice

  • All existing permits will be allowed to expire and any other fire (open burning) and fireworks permits will be considered and/or issued on a case-by-case basis only.
  • We encourage residents to refrain from non-essential burning until conditions improve.
  • The following are still permitted: burns with approved permits, internal household fireplaces, fires contained in approved facilities and appliances in designated camping and recreation areas, portable propane fireplaces and appliances, barbecues and smokers using coals and granules

Village of Caroline, Rocky Mountain House – Fire Restriction


  • All outdoor wood fires are prohibited on public lands, including backcountry or random camping areas;
  • Fireworks and explosive targets.


  • Wood-fired safe campfires on private land and in provincial campgrounds as long as they are inside an artificial campfire ring;
  • Fireplaces in the back on private land;
  • charcoal briquette barbecues;
  • Gas and liquid appliances (stoves, lanterns, fireplaces);
  • Open-flame oil-fired appliances (turkey fryers, tiki torches);
  • Catalytic or infrared heaters;
  • Indoor wood fires (such as inside a facility, building, tent, or RV) and contained in an appliance with a chimney and spark arrestor.


All fire notifications are suspended or cancelled. If the burn is industrial (energy, forestry) or agricultural, an assessment for any notified burn will be made by a fire chief. For questions regarding burn notification, please contact [email protected], Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Never leave a campfire unattended. Dip it, stir it, and dip it again until it’s cool to the touch to make sure it’s extinguished. For emergencies, call 911, and if you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE.

You can also check your local municipality’s communication feeds or website for more information about your area.

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Edward L. Robinett