Shurooq opens Mysk Moon Retreat glamping destination in Sharjah

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) opened the Mysk Moon Retreat to customers offering them the first luxury glamping destination in the emirate.

The Mysk Moon Retreat includes 10 single-bed domes with private pools, four family tents with private pools, and two single-bed tents. Each unit is self-contained and equipped with essential amenities. It also includes a private barbecue area, in addition to a hall and a common area.

Guests of Mysk Moon Retreat will have access to a range of activities offered by tourist destinations from Shurooq to Mleiha, and will also have access to the retreat’s restaurant and cafe.

Mysk moon retreat
Each unit is self-contained and equipped with essential amenities. It also includes a private barbecue area

The Mysk Moon Retreat is part of the Sharjah Collection brand of Shurooq, operated by Mysk by Shaza, which includes the Mysk Kingfisher Retreat in Kalba, the Mysk Al Faya Retreat in Mleiha, and the Mysk Al Badayer Retreat in the Al Badayer Desert. Shurooq announced that it has also started expanding both Mysk Kingfisher Retreat in Kalba and Mysk Al Badayer Retreat in response to growing demand for both destinations. Mysk Kingfisher Retreat will house 20 new luxury tents, varying between four and two bedroom units, and Mysk Al Badayer Retreat will house 15 new tents for an oasis, in addition to an outdoor swimming pool open to all retreat guests.

In addition, Shurooq unveiled four new luxury hotel projects in the central and eastern regions of Sharjah, namely: Al Jabal Resort in Khorfakkan, a luxury hotel in Kalba town, a hotel in Khorfakkan town which will feature the UAE’s first water park on the east coast; and Al Bridi Resort at the Sharjah Safari project in the city of Al Dhaid.

Al Jabal Hotel
The Beach Getaway overlooks the waters of Soueifa Beach, located between Khorfakkan and Luluya Beaches, and features 45 eco-friendly units with choices of one, two, and three bedrooms and a private royal suite with a pool. In addition, the 187,000 m² project being developed on the slopes of Al Soueifa Mountain will include a restaurant, gym, children’s play area, reception and lobby. Shurooq has set a March 2022 completion date for the property.

5-star luxury hotel and water park in Khorfakkan
Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, executive chairman of Shurooq, also announced the development of a new hotel project of 28,000 m² in Khorfakkan, opposite the port of Khorfakkan. He revealed that the project will include 75 luxury units, the UAE’s first water park on the east coast, a shopping complex, restaurant, gym, spa, marina and residential units.

5 star hotel in the town of Kalba
The new hospitality project in Kalba on the east coast of Sharjah, Al Sarkal said that this region which is on the south coast of the United Arab Emirates, next to the Kalba waterfront project. Shurooq’s new 12,500 m² project is located near renowned dive sites in the region. It has 80 units, two restaurants including a lobby cafe, gym, spa, pool, and meeting rooms.

Al Bridi Resort and petting zoo in Al Dhaid
Al Sarkal noted that “Al Bridi Resort” at Al Dhaid, Shurooq’s latest tourist attraction in the central Sharjah region which is being developed in partnership with the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, under the Sharjah Project Safari, the largest safari in the world outside Africa, scheduled to start at the end of this year. Al Sarkal also announced that Shurooq has started to develop Al Dhaid Farm, the city’s first petting zoo experiment, near Flag Square in Al Dhaid.

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