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The party leader in Westminster will try to take center stage firmly when he addresses the SNP virtual conference on Sunday. He will tell delegates that Boris Johnson’s Conservative government is stumbling from crisis to crisis. Mr Blackford will claim that Scottish independence is “within reach” and will argue that separation from the UK “is now the way to security and stability”. In his online speech on the third day of the SNP conference, the party leader in Westminster will say: ‘For years now what we have been experiencing is a UK in constant crisis.

“And it is a crisis that has a real cost.

“The cost of Tory austerity cuts, the skyrocketing Brexit costs, the cost of a Westminster government engulfed in sordid, cronyism and corruption.

“The cost of having a man like Boris Johnson as prime minister.

“These are now the UK crises – and these are the costs we are paying to be part of this union.”

Mr Blackford will also tell delegates that Scottish independence “offers a way out of the constant crisis of Westminster control”.

He will also argue that such a decision offers the opportunity to “build a new Scotland”.

The SNP leader at Westminster will say: ‘Independence is now the path to security and stability – it offers an escape route from the constant crisis of Westminster control.

“Built on the solid foundations of our own democratic decisions, independence offers the opportunity to build the post-pandemic future that we all want to see.

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Mr Brown said: ‘The Johnsons and the Goves of Westminster know they cannot stand in the way of Scotland’s democratic will. “And what we do know is Boris Johnson always gives in to pressure – just look at the scandalous Owen Paterson affair.

“The Prime Minister’s actions speak much louder than words.

“When the Prime Minister had to choose between protecting the integrity of an elected mandate or protecting his friend, he chose to change the rules to protect a colleague.

“And when the pressure mounted, he gave in and turned around again.”

The SNP deputy leader also said the campaign for Scottish independence was “well advanced” and vowed not to “give up until we win this referendum”.

He added: “I know, once again, that we can count on our army of activists to withdraw the SNP vote for another resounding election result – and another big step on our path to independence.” .

“My friends, I can tell you this: this campaign for independence is well underway.

“And I promise you, we won’t give up until we win this referendum.”

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