Steam tricycle from recycled materials


There is no shortage of innovative people in the world and this particular incident shows just how talented people can become.

A Brazilian engineer showed off his skills on the internet after creating a steam-powered tricycle. Now we know how much emphasis there is on finding alternative energy sources in the automotive industry due to environmental concerns. However, it is certainly a unique source of power to move a tricycle. Since electric vehicles are too expensive for the majority of the world’s population, such innovative and inexpensive solutions could solve the problem, to some extent.

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An engineer from Brazil creates a tricycle that runs on steam

In the video clip we have here, a Brazilian man is seen driving a tricycle down the road with water vapor coming out of it. It is developed by him from scratch. Interestingly, the tricycle was built using only recycled materials. He is known for creating many such products which are all featured on his YouTube channel. For this tricycle, he used the suspension rods of an old motorcycle and the seat of a car which is adjustable.

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Using his vision, he installed a drum in the back of the tricycle which houses the wood and fire needed to convert water to steam. This vapor powers the mechanism which requires no pedal input from the rider. He/She could just sit on the custom seat and enjoy the ride. Being a barebones product, the operation is quite noisy and tedious. As seen and heard in this short clip, it makes a loud noise when moving around. Speaking of top speed, it could reach 50 km/h which is decent.

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Brazilian engineer develops steam-powered tricycle

He mentions that the area he lives in has an abundance of forests and water. Therefore, burning wood and water and producing steam is not difficult at all. In fact, the drum on the back allows the user to also prepare a barbecue. Therefore, it is ideal for partying anywhere. The charcoal formed from the wood heats the food perfectly and one can enjoy a sumptuous meal anytime. How did you like this unique innovation?

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