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SWEET HOME, Oregon – Pacific Power shuts off power to parts of Oregon starting Friday at 12:01 a.m. to prevent fire hazard.

According to Pacific Power, current forecasts show dangerous wildfire conditions and strong gusty winds. Temperatures are also expected to hit the triple digits.

One town affected by the shutdown is Sweet Home. City leaders said they are working closely with the community and Pacific Power to keep everyone safe during this time.

“At this time, Pacific Power is offering a community resource center,” said communications specialist Lagea Mull. “They will offer charging stations, so you can charge your phone. There will also be cooling and water.”

The Safeway at 18th Avenue and Main Street was packed Thursday morning, with plenty of supplies of food and water.

“The keeping cool part is the concern,” said Sweet Home resident Lynn Lingenfelter. “I tried to cool the house, putting covers on the windows, putting foam around the bottom so no heat came in. I stocked up on ice which I’m sure will will melt.”

Lingenfelter said she was also worried about her dog during the heat.

“I can still sit in my car, but then I had my dog,” Lingenfelter said. “I mean she walks around in a fur coat 24/7.”

Several residents said they were also stocking up on gasoline for their generators.

“I bought some food and I’m going to cook it today,” said resident Linda Morrelli. “I have fresh gas for my generator,”

Many also make adjustments to prepare.

“I picked up things like sandwiches, stuff that doesn’t need to be cooked,” resident Gary Thomas said. “We also have an outdoor barbecue and of course we have things in the freezer that we can barbecue.”

People said they understand Pacific Power’s decision to cut the power, even if it means dealing with the heat for a few days.

“We’re not taking advantage of it, nobody’s enjoying it. But we’ll do our best to support our community during this time,” Mull said. “We know what happened to Gates and how it and other communities in Oregon and California were affected.”

To see if you are impacted by the closure, you can enter your address here.

People at Sweet Home are encouraged to help those affected during the closure.

“Sweet Home is great for taking care of loved ones,” Mull said. “We hope the community shines during this time. If you have an elderly friend or family member who may be in the shutdown area, reach out to them.”

The Sweet Home School District will cancel classes on Friday due to the outage.

The location of the Community Resource Center will be announced on the Sweet Home Police Department’s Facebook page.

Those looking for refreshment can also head to the police station or town hall.

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