The new elected officials ready to sit on the Eau Claire municipal council

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) — In Tuesday’s spring election, voters in Eau Claire determined who would represent them as at-large city council members.

Two incumbents, Kate Beaton and Roderick Jones, will retain their seats.

Three new faces will join them.

Late last year, current general council members Catherine Emmanuelle, David Klinkhammer and John Lor said they would not seek re-election.

This opened the door to Larry Mboga, Joshua Miller and Charlie Johnson.

After winning the spring elections, they say they are eager to serve the community.

For elected council member Larry Mboga, his road to city hall began after the death of George Floyd.

He went to work building relationships with law enforcement.

“We only meet the police when there are problems, bad times,” Mboga said. “Why can’t we meet them in good times? In fact, from there, we took a walk in the park with them, barbecued with them, played football with them.

For Charlie Johnson, part of his bid for city council was about involving young professionals.

I believe that the active engagement of younger generations is really important for the health of the democratic process, and I think young people will be more willing to engage if they see someone they can relate to and understand why they get involved,” Johnson said.

Joshua Miller’s journey began with his work at the City’s Waterways and Parks Commission.

“I really enjoyed the civic participation,” Miller said. “It’s made up of city citizens working with city council members and a program, and we’re looking at all these different facets of the city, and I’ve really enjoyed the civic engagement.”

As the three consider sitting on the Eau Claire city council, they say they’re ready to get to work.

“I hope that as a city with my colleagues or co-councillors, we can work outside, so that we can have affordable houses for everyone,” Mboga said.

“If we can solve these issues of access to affordable housing and employment opportunities, it will not only solve the problems and concerns of young residents, there are residents all over Eau Claire, from all walks of life. of age, which concern them,” Johnson said.

“We have a lot of jobs, a lot of development going on, but if you can’t find a place where you can afford to live on your salary, it’s always a tough situation,” Miller said.

At the start of their term, elected council members hope to tackle these issues and more by serving the community.

As members of the At-Large Board, Mboga, Johnson and Miller are all elected for three-year terms.

Their mandate is due to begin on April 19.

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