UK “dangerously close to elected dictatorship” under Boris Johnson, warns Ken Clarke

The UK is “dangerously close” to becoming an “elected dictatorship” under Boris Johnson, warns veteran Tory Ken Clarke – as he called his handling of the Brexit clashes “laughable”.

The former cabinet heavyweight lashed out at the prime minister’s contempt for “constitutional constraints”, calling his party “more nationalist than at any time in my life.”

“He gets angry if the courts or parliament try to intervene. As the elected prime minister, he thinks he should not be hampered in this way, ”said Lord Clarke.

“We are getting dangerously close to the ‘elected dictatorship’ that Lord Hailsham, the former Lord Chancellor, warned us about about half a century ago.

In an interview with The new European, the veteran Tory warned that the failures of Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal were now on display, with an expected drop in GDP and loss of security cooperation.

And, of the Northern Ireland protocol, he said: “There is a grave danger that the Good Friday agreement and the power-sharing will collapse and return to direct rule.”

Lord Clarke said: “I saw myself as part of the mainstream of the party and I am not happy that people who think like me – internationalists, outward-looking, progressive – have been marginalized.

“The party is now more to the right and nationalist than at any time in my life.”

He ridiculed the promise of “World Britain” as “a slogan, an excuse to spend money on a royal yacht and fly the flag in strange places”. “We have to get used to our reduced role in the world,” the peer said.

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Edward L. Robinett