Ukrainians sign petition to grant citizenship and prime ministership to Boris Johnson

A petition to give outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson citizenship and make him the country’s prime minister has garnered more than 2,500 signatures hours after it was posted on Ukraine’s official petitions website on Tuesday.

Although he lost national popularity and was eventually forced to announce his resignation after dozens of ministerial departures in early July, Johnson remains a cult figure in Kyiv for his vocal support for Ukraine as she fight the Russian invasion.

Paintings, murals and even cakes in the Ukrainian capital bear the image of the man some Ukrainians affectionately call “Johnsoniuk”.

The petition, addressed to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, lists Johnson’s strengths as “global support for Boris Johnson, a clear stance against the military invasion of Ukraine, (and) wisdom in the political, financial and legal spheres. “.

The petition, however, recognizes a negative side of such an appointment: its non-compliance with the Ukrainian constitution.

By apparent coincidence, several hours after the petition was published on Tuesday, Johnson presented Zelenskyy with the Sir Winston Churchill Leadership Award for what his Downing Street office described as “incredible courage, defiance and dignity” in the face of the invasion of Russia.

Zelenskyy did not mention the new petition when accepting the award, but he will be obligated to respond if it officially receives 25,000 signatures.

Accepting the award via video link from Kyiv, Zelenskyy quoted Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Churchill as saying Johnson “didn’t think of quitting the fight” when the going got tough.

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Edward L. Robinett