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Cassandre Beaugrand picked up a brilliant victory at WTCS Leeds on Saturday beating British stars Georgia Taylor-Brown and Sophie Coldwell.

The French star was the class swimmer and racer of the peloton and won even despite a bike assembly line error that saw her serve a 10-second penalty.

Beaugrand took the penalty a few yards before the finish mat, admitting she was keeping her fingers crossed and just hoping the gap was enough. It was and she won by 10 seconds over Taylor-Brown, who later described her own run as “awful”.

In reality, Georgia was far from awful and should take credit for cheering Coldwell on during the race, helping her repeat her bronze medal performance at Leeds a year ago.

Swimming – Beaugrand slips in the lead

A huge field of 57 women plunged into Lake Waterloo at Roundhay Park and Beaugrand immediately set the pace with Olympic champion Flora Duffy. Cassandre avoided all collisions around the turn buoys, swimming with beautiful long strokes to maintain a graceful lead throughout the 750m swim.

She came out of the water first, followed closely by Duffy, Taylor Spivey, Vittoria Lopes and Coldwell. More good news for British athletes, Sian Rainsley was 7 years oldeTaylor-Brown was 11e and Beth Potier 15e.

Beaugrand was also the first out of T1, but inadvertently rushed past the assembly line to climb the hill and away from the pursuers and as a result incurred a 10 second penalty. She would need to serve that later in the race.

Bike – Coldwell and Spivey dominate

Duffy raced up the hill, forcing herself into the lead with Beaugrand and Coldwell taking the opportunity to follow her. Spivey managed to join them by not closing her shiny blue shoes until she had secured her place in the lead group.

The power group of four looked like they had a fantastic opportunity to work together and build a lead, but Beaugrand fell and then, surprisingly, Duffy also fell back as Spivey and Coldwell pulled away. The two highly accomplished riders extended their lead to 39 seconds by the end of lap three and maintained that gap until T2. Coldwell later admitted to being a “big fan” of the challenging course.

Run – Beaugrand strides away

Coldwell and Spivey left T2 together and the British athlete immediately took the lead. Maya Kingma was leading the chasing pack, 36 seconds behind the leaders and two seconds ahead of Taylor-Brown.

Coldwell held the lead for the first 2.5 kilometers before Beaugrand overtook her, racing uphill beautifully at the start of lap two. Taylor-Brown was next to catch teammate Coldwell, with Spivey hanging on and Potter rolling behind her.

Beaugrand had enough time in hand to perform his stop/go penalty a few meters before the finish and sprint across the line to victory. Taylor-Brown finished second while Coldwell was rewarded for her hard work on the bike with a brilliant bronze medal.

Results WTCS Leeds 2022

Saturday, June 11, 2022 – ELITE WOMEN
750m / 20k / 5k

  • 1. Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA) – 59:03
  • 2. Georgia Taylor-Brown (GBR) – 59:12
  • 3. Sophie Coldwell (GBR) – 59:15
  • 4. Taylor Spivey (USA) – 59:22
  • 5. Beth Potter (GBR) – 59:22
  • 6. Laura Lindemann (GER) – 59:39
  • 7. Flora Duffy (BER) – 59:44
  • 8. Anabel Knoll (GER) – 59:48
  • 9. Julie Derron (SUI) – 59:59
  • 10. Miriam Casillas Garcia (ESP) – 59:59

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